The MAPS Analytical Framework


Also available in French, Russian and Spanish.

Elements of the MAPS


MAPS consists of the following elements:

  • a user’s guide with instructions on how to conduct a MAPS assessment
  • instructions on how to analyse the country context
  • the indicator framework in four thematic pillars (each pillar includes indicators, sub-indicators - qualitative and quantitative - and assessment criteria):
    • (I) Legislative, Regulatory and Policy Framework;
    • (II) Institutional Framework and Management Capacity;
    • (III) Procurement Operations and Market Practices and
    • (IV) Accountability, Integrity and Transparency of the Public Procurement System.
  • A glossary to ensure clarity of the indicator framework and assessments
  • A suite of supplementary modules that allow a focused analysis of specific areas
  • Support tools, such as templates, that can provide support in conducting a MAPS assessment

Supplementary modules

The four pillars of the MAPS indicator framework (“core methodology”) provide a comprehensive approach for assessing procurement systems. Supplementary modules complement the core assessment methodology.

  • The modules focus on specific policy areas of public procurement, to be used by countries depending on their particular needs.
  • Some modules require a MAPS assessment with the core methodology as a pre-requisite, some can be used as “stand-alone” assessments.

Six supplementary modules are currently being developed. They will focus on the following topics:

  • E-procurement 
  • Procuring entities 
  • Professionalisation 
  • Public-private partnerships and concessions 
  • Sector markets 
  • Sustainable public procurement 


The following templates and guidance documents support the implementation of the methodology:

  1. What is the MAPS? (Forthcoming)
  2. Description of the process towards a MAPS assessment (Forthcoming)
  3. Request letter
  4. Indicator Matrix (Word format) (Excel format)
  5. Checklist for background documents
  6. Stakeholder checklist
  7. Template: Concept Note
  8. Template: Terms of Reference
  9. Guidance on survey-based Indicators (Forthcoming)
  10. Template: Assessment Report
  11. Checklist: Quality Review of compliance
  12. Guidance: Quality Assurance and Approval during the Transition Phase (Forthcoming)
  13. Letter of Endorsement