The Methodology for Assessing Procurement Systems (MAPS) is an international standard and the universal tool to evaluate any public procurement system anywhere in the world.

Important information! MAPS E-learning programme and certification exam

For assessments starting after 1 July 2024, it will be mandatory for the lead assessor to be certified.

MAPS E-learning Programme

The MAPS E-learning Programme is the essential resource for in-depth knowledge about MAPS. Learn the fundamentals of MAPS and how to be a MAPS assessor with this online programme.

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What does the MAPS Methodology include?

The MAPS consists of several items: 4 pillars with indicators and sub indicators, supplementary modules, country context analysis, templates and much more

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Where have assessments been conducted?

MAPS assessments have been conducted in dozens of countries around the world, both as self-assessments and with the help of external partners

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A universal tool

  • For all public procurement systems
  • At any level of government
  • For any country, regardless of the level of development

A reform tool

  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public procurement
  • To ensure integrity and transparency in the use of public funds
  • To encourage dialogue

A recognised assessment

  • Using objective and comprehensive indicators
  • Engaging various stakeholders institutions
  • Guaranteeing the highest quality through a quality assurance mechanism