The MAPS Analytical Framework

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Elements of the MAPS

MAPS consists of the following elements:

  • a user’s guide with instructions on how to conduct a MAPS assessment
  • instructions on how to analyse the country context
  • the indicator framework in four thematic pillars (each pillar includes indicators, sub-indicators - qualitative and quantitative - and assessment criteria):
  • A glossary to ensure clarity of the indicator framework and assessments
  • A suite of supplementary modules that allow a focused analysis of specific areas
  • Support tools, such as templates, that can provide support in conducting a MAPS assessment (see below)

Who can do a MAPS assessment?

  • The MAPS methodology is open and can be used by anyone.
  • MAPS assessments can be done by all countries – both as a self-assessment or with the help of external partners.
  • Assessors must have extensive knowledge and experience in public procurement, be free of conflicts of interest and carry out objective and impartial work.
  • If countries would like to receive a certification, assessments have to follow a set of rules and a quality standard, verified by the MAPS Secretariat.

Assessment step by step