What is MAPS?

Through this video, discover what a MAPS assessment is and how it works.

System level learning in procurement systems

This webinar, organised by the Procurement of Government Outcomes Club at the University of Oxford, focused on system level learning in a procurement system. We explored questions on how the public procurement system is working at a regional level or national level, who gets to know and what they do with that knowledge.

Launch event

This very first MAPS webinar provided an overview of the methodology and presented its Secretariat. It also offered the most important lessons learned from Peru and Norway.

Strengthening procurement systems using MAPS

World Bank webinar

This webinar, organised by the World Bank,  discussed the experience of Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Mozambique on strengthening public procurement systems through the Methodology for Assessment Procurement Systems.

Building effective procurement systems: Complementarities of MAPS and PEFA tools

 This webinar was an opportunity to learn how the PEFA and MAPS tools work together and discuss the country case of Zambia where both assessments were carried out.

The Moldova assessment


  This event presented the main findings and recommendations of the Moldova's assessment, as well as the next steps that the country will undertake to improve its public procurement.

The Lebanon assessment

Through the example of Lebanon, this webinar explored how MAPS can be harnessed effectively for procurement reform, with a specific focus on why good stakeholder engagement is crucial both to a successful MAPS assessment and any reform process that follows.